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Sizzling Summer Homebuying Tips

Spring may be the true “high season” for real estate, but depending on where you’re looking, the hustle and bustle can extend well beyond June. If you’re looking to dive into your home search this summer, there are some things you can do to help you find a great home for a great price. Check out our summer homebuying tips below. 

Look Beyond New Listings 

If you’re angling for a bargain—and who’s not?—don’t overlook homes that have been on the market a bit longer. Sellers who listed their house in early spring may be ready to negotiate to get their home sold. This gives you a chance to come in with an offer that you’re comfortable with and see what happens!  

Be Flexible 

With summer travel on many people’s agenda, it can be challenging to sync up times for showings, inspections, and other real estate rendezvous during these months. Make sure you keep your calendar as open as possible, leaving room to accommodate the other parties’ availability. Something as simple as being able to view a home at an unusual time might give you an edge over other prospective buyers who aren’t as flexible. 

Have Your Offer Ready 

With inventory still limited in most markets across the U.S., homebuying remains a pretty competitive endeavor. That’s true in any season, but especially during the active spring and summer months. Other buyers will be out and about, looking at the same homes you are—many of them wanting to be settled in to their new home before school starts. Make sure you have your finances in order so you’re ready to move quickly when you find a great home. If you’ve already determined what you can comfortably afford to offer, saved up for a down payment, and been pre-approved for a mortgage, you’re ahead of the game! 

Keep an Eye Out for Maintenance Issues 

Summer is great for curb appeal, beckoning home seekers with lush trees, well-manicured lawns, and overflowing gardens. But be aware that all that flora could be camouflaging potential maintenance problems like roof damage or peeling siding. A home inspection should catch these things, but it’s also a good idea to view every property—even the “perfect” ones—with a critical eye. 

Work with an Experienced Agent 

We can’t underestimate the importance of havinga professional on your side. The value they bring to your homebuying experience—from local market expertise to effective negotiation strategies—is key to getting a great price on a home you love. (Not to mention all the stress you’ll avoid!) When you’re ready to connect with the right agent for YOUR needs, let Nestfully help.