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Delaware’s enviable location, comparatively low taxes, and richly historic communities make it a wonderful place to live and do business. Its idyllic coastline includes illustrious locales like Rehoboth Beach, Fenwick Island, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, and more. With easy access to New York City, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. via Amtrak and Acela trains, and interstate I-95, Delaware residents can enjoy efficient commuting and quick city escapes.

In addition to miles of beautiful beaches and convenient transportation options, Delaware boasts a uniquely charming heritage. Aptly nicknamed “The First State,” Delaware was the first of the 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution. Communities like Dover, New Castle, and Wilmington are still steeped in colonial influence, with museums, monuments, and architecture proudly exhibiting the state’s rich history.

From a business and entrepreneurial perspective, Delaware is an excellent place to be. The state simplifies property exchanges for both buyers and sellers, and offers an array of incentives and tax credits for small businesses.

Licensing agreements make it easy for property owners to give space usage permissions for commercial purposes. Thanks to the state’s exchange of property listing laws, investors can defer capital gains taxes on all rental and business properties. 
If you’re still not sold on making the move to Delaware, you should know that the state fosters some of the country’s tightest-knit communities, thanks to its small size. With only three counties across the entire state, neighborly connections are regularly reinforced by frequent festivals, events, and opportunities to get involved. Oh, and Delaware is sales tax-free!

Delaware Property Search FAQs

As you begin your Delaware property search, it may at first be overwhelming to determine how and when it makes financial sense to take the initiative and purchase a new property. Whether you’re looking to relocate, find the perfect space for commercial use, or are on the hunt for your very first home, navigating the current state of the real estate market can be anxiety-inducing. 

To help simplify the process, we’ve compiled and addressed some common questions that tend to arise when assessing and shopping Delaware real estate.

Are Home Prices Dropping in Delaware?

Due to the state’s many attractive offerings, home values in Delaware have actually increased in the last year. The market remains competitive, with real estate for sale typically being sold above the asking price, and most listings receiving multiple over-asking offers. 

In a housing environment like this, especially as a first-time buyer, it’s critical to ensure you’re taking all the right steps to get the fairest price on a home, and quickly, as many estates for sale only remain on the market for around 10 days before reaching pending status.

Delaware home rental prices have also risen over the past year. However, it is still significantly less than the average national rent payment. In addition, Delaware continues to offer the lowest cost of living index on the northern East Coast, between Maine and Washington, D.C.

Is Delaware a Good State to Buy a House?

Proximity to gorgeous coastlines, as well as to major metropolitan cities, makes Delaware an optimal place to invest in property. It’s also a smart living location choice from a financial point of view. In the short term, residents enjoy a whopping low property tax value of 0.55%.

For those looking further ahead, the social security and pension tax exclusions the state offers are an attractive reason to consider a move to Delaware. The state makes estate planning a breeze, imposing no estate or inheritance tax. As Delaware’s housing market continues to thrive and become even more attractive, purchasing property there is an increasingly appealing investment opportunity.

How Much Do Houses Cost in Delaware?

Despite its size, Delaware provides a wide spectrum of real estate prices. Costs in areas like Rehoboth Beach range from $40,000 to $6.7 million, whereas homes in Fenwick Island start at around $540,000. These areas are coveted real estate, so prices on homes without easy beach access will likely cost less. 

New construction may fall slightly above this range, but builders are slashing prices on smaller homes compared to previous years. Outside of colonial construction in cities like Dover and New Castle, homes tend to be newer and less of a headache to maintain – a major cost-saving benefit.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House in Delaware?

With the market staying hot and prices rising every year, now is the time to jump on real estate in Delaware, as mortgage rates have dipped to 6.34%. March through June are usually the best times to purchase a home across the board, and later spring and summer months often provide the best prices for buyers in Delaware.

Certain locations within the state, like the desirable Sussex County, are even experiencing a more balanced market where homes are selling at just below the asking price. If you’re considering buying, now is the time to act and scoop up your dream property for the best price before it’s gone!

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