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Sustainable Home Design Trends for 2024

Are you actively seeking to enhance the appeal of your home? There are new innovative home design trends that you might want to explore. For example, sustainable designs can enhance the look of a home while relying on environmentally friendly options.   

The Sustainability Trend 

Sustainability continues to gain popularity, particularly among Millennials and Generation Z. Sustainable homes have proven to withstand extreme weather conditions and resist wood rot and mold, while energy-efficient homes can save homeowners up to 35% on their electric bills.  

In January 2023, the Department of Energy introduced incentives to support builders in constructing DOE-certified Zero Energy Ready Homes. Netze Homes, a builder based outside of Dallas, is one of a growing number of companies focused on energy efficiency and reduced construction waste.  

According to NAR, "They utilize recycled steel from cars, resulting in houses that are 20 times stronger than those built with wood. These homes are built with precise specifications in a factory, ensuring a tighter construction and improved efficiency due to lower air exchange."  

Bring It Home 

Sustainable options can be incorporated into modern and minimalistic designs that offer both low maintenance and environmental benefits. From luxury homes to apartments and townhomes, popular features like wood detailing, porcelain flooring, and open floor plans provide sustainable ways to upgrade your living spaces.  

You might also consider incorporating innovative features and amenities like electric vehicle charging stations, sensor-based irrigation systems, and automated lighting controls. Cutting-edge technology options like these can easily be incorporated and tailored to meet your needs.  

Beyond the interior of your home, consider incorporating native plants to establish outdoor spaces that not only look good, but support native wildlife.  


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