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5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home

Deciding if and when to put your home on the market is never a simple call. There are many different factors that go into the decision, and no one but you can make it.  

If you’ve been toying with the idea of selling but aren’t quite ready to contact an agent and stick a “For Sale” sign in your front yard, never fear. We’re sharing some key indicators to help you decide whether it’s time to sell.   

5 Signs It May Be Time to Sell Your Home 


  1. You’ve outgrown the house.Maybe this home was perfect for you back when you bought it, but now it houses more people than space. Maybe you adopted dogs who need a yard to run around in, or you’ve transitioned to working from home and can’t do without a dedicated office space. Whatever the reason, if you’re starting to feel cramped, it can be a hint that it’s time to consider selling to upsize. 

  2. The house has outgrown you.On the flip side, maybe your kids have flown the nest and you’re finding that there’s more space than you need or want. 

  3. Your financial situation has changed.This can be good or bad. A big promotion or job change could lead to a happy influx of cash that may have you yearning for a new home in your dream neighborhood. Or, an unexpected loss of income or sudden necessary expenses may make it tough to keep up with your mortgage payments like you used to. In that case, you might consider selling to purchase something more affordable. 

  4. You’re over home maintenance.Every homeowner knows that staying on top of scheduled services to keep your home in good condition is no cheap endeavor. At some point, you might get burned out on the costs and responsibilities of landscaping, snow removal, septic service, HVAC service, pest control, and so many other tasks that come along with homeownership. At this point, selling your home for a lower-maintenance one—like a condo, a smaller house, or a rental—could become a more attractive solution. 

  5. Comparable homes are selling for a pretty penny.Home inventory is tight in most markets right now, which means competition for available homes is heating up. If you’re wondering how much you could potentially get for yours if you put it up for sale, check out recently sold comps in your area. If their sold prices make you swoon, consider it a sign it may be time to sell. 


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