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To Rent or to Buy?

You’re moving. Now what? 


Whether you’re relocating for a new job, to be closer to family, or just for a change of scenery, you have a lot of things to consider. One common conundrum is a simple one: Should you purchase a home, or rent? 


Unfortunately, we can’t give you that answer. It’s a personal decision based on factors that are unique to you, your family, your financial situation, and your future plans. But while we can’t tell you what to do, we can offer some insights that can make your decision a little easier. 



The Pros of Renting


The rental market is red-hot right now. High mortgage rates and low inventory in many markets have led some prospective homebuyers to press pause on their home search and turn their attention to rentals.


As either a short-term solution or a long-term life choice, renting a home comes with its fair share of advantages. At the top of many renters’ lists: No maintenance costs, no property taxes, and more flexibility. 


You also don’t have to worry about decreasing property value. And, if you do decide to dive into homeownership, it’s much easier to plan aheadwhen you don’t have to think about selling a home at the same time.



The Pros of Buying


Homeownership has long been considered part of the American Dream. And while it’s not for everyone, there are some distinct advantages to owning a home. Some of the most compelling: the opportunity to build equity, the investmentappreciation, tax advantages, and the potential to build and strengthen your credit.


Many homeowners are also drawn to the sense of community and belonging that may be easier to come by in a neighborhood where they’ve established roots. 



Find the Perfect Home to Rent OR Buy onNestfully


Fortunately, Nestfullyis a valuable source of up-to-date listings for buyers and renters alike. Not sure which way you want to go?Browse the vast array of available rentals and compare your favorite finds with the best matches for sale. Once you’ve narrowed down your options in both categories, the question of “Should I rent or buy?” might just answer itself. 



In the meantime, connect with an experienced agent who can help you navigate the local market and make well-informed decisions on your real estate journey.